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X-Men Arcade a timed XBLA exclusive

Not on PSN until February.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The PlayStation 3 version of X-Men Arcade will be released two months after the Xbox 360 version, Konami confirmed to Eurogamer this afternoon.

The XBLA version will be released in Europe and the US on 15th December - next Wednesday. The PSN version is slated for a February release. Pricing is yet to be revealed.

X-Men Arcade is a port of the classic multiplayer focused X-Men arcade game but with high definition graphics and drop-in drop-out online and local co-op.

Backbone Entertainment - the studio favoured by Capcom for all things PSN/XBLA: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, 1942: Joint Strike, Commando 3 – is at the helm.

Available to play in X-Men Arcade are Cyclops, Colossus, Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Storm and Wolverine. They're trying to take down the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, key enemies in which are Pyro, Blob, Wendigo, Mystique, White Queen, Juggernaught and Magneto.

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