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Yamauchi to upgrade GT5 standard cars

To beef up the 200-odd premium flock.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

More cars in the Gran Turismo 5 garage are to be given the premium treatment, according to creator Kazunori Yamauchi - which means they'll soon be more detailed and allow an interior view.

Of that garage, 811 of the 1031 vehicles are only available in standard form.

Yamauchi, talking to Famitsu magazine (read by Andriasang), didn't say how many would be updated, but clearly he has a mountain of material to work with. He also didn't give a timeframe for the update.

Still, there are plenty of premium cars to be getting on with for the time being - even if they only represent around 20 per cent of the game's total.

Gran Turismo 5, released at the end of November, was worth the wait. Oli "Nigel Mansell" Welsh delivered the verdict for Eurogamer.

Spain's GT5 launch was glitzier than the UK's.

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