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UK shops: Order today or miss Christmas

Snow other way.

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Time has nearly run out - if you fail to order games online from UK shops today, there's no guarantee you'll get them in time for Christmas. And just think about your little nephew's face when you tell him Splatterhouse is only "on its way".

Specifically, GAME/Gamestation - the UK's largest chain of videogame shops - has made today (Friday, 17th December) your last chance to get a guaranteed Christmas order. You have until 8pm, according to MCV.

Amazon gives you until midnight tomorrow if you pick First Class Delivery, or until the end of Monday if you pick Prime Free Delivery. It's already too late for Free Super Saver deliveries to make it in time for Christmas., meanwhile, rings the metaphorical bell on 19th December - Sunday.

Note, however, that areas of the UK most affected by snow - the North - may suffer further delays to deliveries.

Should you miss those deadlines there's always digital distributors. Steam offers the opportunity to send games as gifts, and GetGamesGo - a Eurogamer venture - has a 12 Days of Christmas sale extravaganza going on. It's amazing, and I can say that in a completely biased way.

So, snow, eh? I say bring back Eyjafjallajökull.

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