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Open-source Kinect drivers released

Tech firm gives modders a leg up.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The tech firm behind the Kinect's camera sensor has released open-source drivers for the Xbox 360 add-on, opening the way for modders to put their own spin on the peripheral.

According to Develop, Israeli company PrimeSense has set up an NI devices, applications and middleware organisation too.

The open-source OpenNI Framework provides an API for writing NI apps and offers middleware that allows access to RGB-D sensors like Kinect and PrimeSense's development kit PSDK 5.0.

Apparently PrimeSense had always planned to release the drivers, but had its hand forced by the recent successes of the OpenKinect modding community.

Last month, Microsoft claimed that it was "excited" to see what modders could do with its new motion-control add-on, provided they stayed within the law.

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