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GT5 tops Japan charts

Sony's racer jumpstarts PS3 sales too.

Gran Turismo 5 topped the Japanese Media Create charts after its first week on release, selling an impressive 430,707 copies.

According to Andriasang's report, other notable new entries in the software chart included DS mech scrapper Super Robot Taisen L at two and Mario Sports Mix at three.

The full top 10 shaped up like this:

  1. Gran Turismo 5 (Sony, PS3): 430,707
  2. Super Robot Taisen L (Namco Bandai, DS): 129,054
  3. Mario Sports Mix (Nintendo, Wii): 84,983
  4. Super Mario Collection Special Pack (Nintendo, Wii): 47,487 (613,415)
  5. Pokemon Black & White (Pokemon, DS): 43,227 (4,494,106)
  6. Call of Duty: Black Ops Subtitled Ver. (Square Enix, PS3): 31,354 (160,275)
  7. Super Kaseki Horider (Nintendo, DS): 26,195 (69,024)
  8. Dangan-Ronpa (Spike, PSP): 25,564
  9. Power Pro Kun Pocket 13 (Konami, DS): 24,717
  10. Wii Party (Nintendo, Wii): 24,525 (1,232,562)

On the hardware side, Sony's racer gave the PlayStation 3 a healthy boost, with sales of the console doubling week-on-week to 68,840. However, that wasn't enough to overthrow the PSP, which continues to hog the top spot.

  1. PSP: 75,689 (96,601)
  2. PlayStation 3: 68,840 (29,058)
  3. Wii: 41,267 (27,851)
  4. DSi LL: 28,370 (21,836)
  5. DSi: 26,548 (20,550)
  6. Xbox 360: 4,329 (7,083)
  7. PSPgo: 1,675 (1,816)
  8. DS Lite: 1,539 (1,904)
  9. PS2: 1,332 (1,255)

Gosh, will you look at that. The PSPgo just overtook the DS Lite. Sony will be pleased.

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