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Not many downloaded free Gears 2 DLC

Less than 30 per cent redeemed code.

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Epic Games' Jim Brown has revealed that not many people bothered to access the free downloadable content given away with Gears of War 2 at release.

The Flashback Map Pack came with the game and all you had to do to get the contents was input one of those redeemable codes. Brown was perplexed by the lack of take-up.

"We gave away five or six maps completely free when you bought the game and I think it was less than 30 per cent of people downloaded it," Brown told Official Xbox Magazine.

"It was free, in the box, they just never bothered to do it. So again, why? Is it a matter of accessibility? Is it people don't like typing in a 16-digit code? What's the reason? It's a weird numbers game."

Brown did acknowledge though that DLC "does well", which is probably comforting for him given he's the lead multiplayer level designer on Gears of War 3.

Gears of War 2 was released in November 2008 and won 9/10's worth of our hearts with its gripping, spectacular campaign and improved multiplayer.

Gears 3, of course, is due out in autumn 2011 and will be preceded by a multiplayer beta early next year.

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