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Doctor Jean-Pierre Lautrec is familiar

Konami dreams up Professor Layton clone.

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The phenomenally successful DS puzzle series Professor Layton has already inspired so many – not least Ant and Dec. But Konami takes the biscuit – the Japanese company has taken the lid-off what looks like a clone.

Swap the top hat-wearing Professor Layton for Doctor Jean-Pierre Lautrec, and the loyal Luke Triton for young assistant Miss Sophie Coubertin, and boom: welcome to Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights for the 3DS.

It's described as a "treasure game", according to Siliconera, set in 19th century Paris. Yes, 19th century Paris.

The pair met while Sophie interned at the Museum of Natural History where archeologist Lautrec works. People look up to him as a genius and he loves solving mysteries. Yes, he loves solving mysteries.

Where the game differs from Nintendo's DS wonder is in the style of play. You can directly control Lautrec and explore areas. There's even a fighting component, HP and attack stats.

While Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights will release in Japan in the spring, the game is without a confirmed Western release date. Indeed, a Konami UK spokesperson told Eurogamer this morning that the game may never see release on these shores.

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