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Star Wars: Imperial Academy announced

THQ reveals iPhone space shooter.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ has just released Star Wars: Imperial Academy, a free multiplayer FPS exclusive to iOS devices.

Created by Rolando publisher ngmoco, you'll be competing against other recruits in four player death match battles to become the ultimate stormtrooper.

You'll have to master both close-quarters blaster combat and long-range sniping in a number of staple Star Wars locales, including Hoth, Cloud City and Tatooine.

"As huge fans of the Star Wars universe, ngmoco is excited to work on such a storied franchise for our first ever property-based game," said Neil Young, CEO and founder of ngmoco.

"Star Wars Imperial Academy brings together our passion for first-person shooters and Star Wars in an amazingly fun and high quality experience."

Apple will no doubt be thrilled to hear THQ has plumped for plus+ to power the multiplayer element, rather than its own Game Center set-up.

Star Wars: Imperial Academy is available now on the App Store.

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