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Half of Xbox Live subs are Gold

Are you one of them?

Half of Microsoft's 25 million Xbox Live members are Gold subscribers.

That's according to Microsoft's internal statistics, revealed by the head of Interactive Entertainment Business Dennis Durkin at the Credit Suisse Annual Technology Conference overnight and reported by IGN.

"Of our 25 million members, about half of them are subscribers to the business and pay us about $60 a year for that," Durkin said. "So it's a very large business for us and for our partners."

In the US, Gold subscribers spend more than three hours a day using Xbox Live, and they spend more of their time on non-gaming applications, such as Facebook. 40 per cent of their time, apparently.

"This is a great opportunity for our media partners to stay connected with their customers and to sell them goods that they care about in their home," he said. "Whether that's game add-ons, movies, music, or clothing for their avatars, this is a very big business."

Reports suggest Xbox Live generates revenues of $1 billion for Microsoft. Do you contribute to that?