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PS3 gamers outraged at Black Ops

Patch makes things worse, accuse fans.

Oops - that still-warm Call of Duty: Black Ops patch seems to have amplified problems with PS3 online multiplayer.

"The retard patch 1.04" thread on the official Black Ops website has pages of dissenters sharing their frustration.

"GG [good game] to them making it a P2P game where the host gets hard freezes," posted an ironic I WTFMyself. "Such failures."

Suzuki1776 replied: "The game seems to be getting worse with each patch as far as connection issues. If you are going to be playing Black Ops a lot then get a 360. They seem to have a lot less issues than us PS3 players."

"I cant even begin to express words to describe how pissed of I am at the hash of this game on the PS3," added an angry Saunter.

"... I am sick to the back teeth of them going on about how there going to patch the knife lunge and stupid little things like that when they wont even acknowledge the huge f*** up they've made on PS and still raked in mountains of money."

"Treyark [sic] have made a complete cock up on this one and they have ruined one of the biggest games of all time," he vented, with the caveat, "And seriously I do really like the game when I could play it."

Patch 1.04, now live, claims to "improve" matchmaking conditions for people with strict or moderate NAT types - precisely the problem many gamers now complain of.

Another of the tweaks was a "negative influencer" for spawn points, which should decrease the chance of returning to life in front of an enemy with a gun.

(All of the patch 1.04 fixes are documented over on the Call of Duty forum.)

"They killed the PS3 version," declared Eurogamer reader Astro-Creature.

"So no chance of them fixing that PS3 Alpha s*** they tried to pass off as retail then?" fumed fellow EG reader Acrid

Treyarch community manager Josh Olin has been accosted on Twitter about the problems. He, however, insists NAT problems are the responsibility of you and your router, not he and his developer.

"That means your Router has a strict NAT, causing your lag," Olin responded to an angry Triadgaming tweet.

"It's not the game," he insisted.

But if you are having problems then he and Treyarch do want to hear from you.

"We are listening to you," Olin promised, "and we've been busy working on updates based on feedback from the community."

"We have already deployed a number of updates, and there will be many more to come."

So, pipe up.

LEGO Black Ops. Blocky.

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