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PS3 gets Music Unlimited sub service

Powered by Qriocity.

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Turn on your PlayStation 3, have a nosey under the Music tab, and you'll discover Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity.

It's a subscription streaming music service just launched by Sony. Eagle-eyed reader Wesley Nutt alerted Eurogamer to the addition this morning.

According to a report on PCWorld, Music Unlimited is only available in the UK and Ireland, but Sony plans to expand the service to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand and the US next year.

Music Unlimited has a whopping six million songs at launch. Two options are available. The basic plan offers genre-specific and era-specific channels of non-stop music. The premium service adds on-demand access to all songs in the library and additional channels with new music.

The basic plan costs £3.99 or €3.99 a month. Premium sets you back £9.99 or €9.99 a month.

Sony's Qriocity aims to link all of its network-enabled consumer electronics products and shares the same base as the PlayStation Network that links Sony's gaming devices.

Music Unlimited synchronizes existing playlists to the service, if you so desire. It can scan files in your PS3 music library and digitally fingerprint each song. The data is then uploaded to the service and the songs are added to your library to use on demand across all devices. But if your songs aren't among the six million available, they won't be accessible.

Predictably, the service doesn't work with music file formats with digital rights management. Sony plans to later add support for protected music files.

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