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Def Jam Rapstar works with Kinect

Doesn't time drive by?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Hip hop karaoke game Def Jam Rapstar now works with Kinect.

And Kinect rhymes with respect.

So what does this all mean? Can DJR sense your breakdancing, your threatening postures, your gun-shaped hand blasting off?

No. It records your performance for the Def Jam Rapstar community site. And I'm afraid that's it.

Def Jam Rapstar air horned into shops at the end of November. Simon Parkin strapped on the bling for Eurogamer. What did he think? "For me, it's a chance to rap alongside Ghostface Killer in the comfortable privacy of a suburban living room. You can't put a score on that. "

Word, brother.

One small step for man, one Tinchy Stryder for mankind.

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