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Sony's "not-so-secret weapon" is PSN

Stringer's "foundation" is linked hardware.

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Sony overlord Howard Stringer has said PlayStation Network is the company's "not-so-secret weapon", and today reaches over 40 million registered accounts worldwide.

He spoke at the Mobile World Congress event where he announced that Sony Ericsson phones are the latest device to support PSN. The Sony Ericsson Aino handset already works with PS3 and allows users to access hard drive content and use PlayTV.

"At Sony our strategy of pairing network services with hardware and software is the foundation on which we will deliver those applications and more," offered Stringer, according to "We're already utilising the rapidly growing PlayStation Network, now with over 40 million registered accounts, to reach new digitally savvy customers around the world.

"PSN is a not-so-secret weapon – last November the PSN video delivery service launched in four new countries – the UK, France, Germany and Spain. In its first five days alone, despite the struggling European economy, revenue from those four countries was 40 per cent of the worldwide revenues for PSN's video delivery service – a testament to how critical the European market will continue to be."

Stringer hopes to add PSN support to Bravia TVs, VAIO laptops and Blu-ray players in the future.

A full video of the Sony Ericsson presentation can be seen on The Lost Gamer.

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