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Perfect Dark XBLA showing at X10

Hands-on at press event next week.

Rare has announced that Perfect Dark for Xbox Live Arcade will be shown off at a Microsoft press event next week.

Eurogamer and others have been invited to the X10 event in San Francisco, where we'll also be catching up with other first-party and exclusive third-party Xbox 360 titles.

"Everyone at X10 will finally have a chance to get hands-on with Joanna - complete with her remastered visuals and silky 60fps frame-rate," Rare wrote in an email.

The event takes place on 11th February, but coverage will probably be embargoed.

Rare also released a high-definition screenshot of the N64 port. See if you can spot it on this page. I honestly thought he was standing in front of a pool.

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Perfect Dark

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