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Why Kinect Sports is Rare's priority

And first-person shooters aren't.

Rare boss Scott Henson has explained why the Microsoft-owned UK developer is squarely focused on the Kinect Sports franchise and not hardcore genres such as first-person shooters.

Cancelled Perfect Dark Core: new details

Cancelled Perfect Dark Core: new details

How Joanna Dark might have looked.

The cancelled game that began as Perfect Dark 2 was to feature a very different Joanna Dark.

The image below, unearthed by, shows a more moody Dark than the one depicted in Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero.

According to the site, Perfect Dark Core, what began as the true sequel to N64 first-person shooter Perfect Dark, featured a "more realistic atmosphere than its predecessors, with Joanna having a different and less feminine behaviour (smoking, flirting)".

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Rare: We're not a Kinect exclusive dev

Rare: We're not a Kinect exclusive dev

But Kinect the "centrepiece of our strategy".

Rare's next game is Kinect Sports and the studio is one of the motion-sensing add-on's most vocal supporters, but new boss Scott Henson has denied the famed UK company has become a Kinect-exclusive developer.

However, Kinect development is the "centrepiece" of Rare's strategy, Henson, who Microsoft has just announced as Rare's new studio manager, told Eurogamer.

"Kinect will be a key part of the studio's future," he said. "I'm not suggesting it's going to be exclusive, but it will be the centrepiece of our strategy for sure, because there is a lot of opportunity there."

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Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark

Playing the old Joanna.

Of all the things I wasn't expecting to stumble across in the XBLA remake of Perfect Dark, Peter Molyneux was quite high on the list. But there he is, the founder of Lionhead, a key creative force behind Populous, Theme Park, and the Syndicate series, waiting patiently in a dataDyne elevator so that Joanna can pop out from a nearby grating and kick him in the head.

Some people, it seems, are still a bit cut up about the fact that you couldn't grow entire trees from acorns in the first Fable.

Odd as it is to come up across a legend of British game development while playing through a first-person shooter - it's even weirder when he turns up in multiplayer, decked out in a white tux, and wielding a sub-machine gun - it's totally in-keeping with Perfect Dark's peculiar culture.

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Game Room here in late March

Perfect Dark XBLA a week earlier.

Microsoft plans to release Game Room for Xbox Live and Games for Windows - Live on 24th March. It will be free, but game cabinets and game-plays will cost, as previously reported.