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Square "interested" in 3D Final Fantasy

Produced a trailer for Japanese cinemas.

Square Enix is "interested" in the possibility of a 3D version of Final Fantasy XIII, and has even produced a trailer for the game using the new technology.

"We don't know how possible it is to build the game in 3D but we are interested in it," Kitase told PlayStation.com in a community interview.

"In fact, we have already created a 3D Final Fantasy XIII trailer, which is currently showing in Japanese cinemas alongside the film Avatar.

"Currently, that's only available in Japan, but there might be an opportunity for a wider release in the future.

Kitase also said that requests for Japanese voice-over support in the Western version of the game - something it does not offer - had caught him out.

"I had heard at other media presentations that this was a popular request, and I have to say it came to me as a surprise," he said.

Check back later for our own interview with Kitase and his colleague Motomu Toriyama, in which the duo address Western critics' concerns about the game's conservatism and discuss the transition from single to multiformat development.

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