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Cage: no more thrillers from me

Multiplayer drama is "the next challenge".

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Speaking to Eurogamer, David Cage has said that Heavy Rain will be his last work in "the thriller genre".

Asked what he wanted to do next, Cage said, "I know one thing for sure, it's that Heavy Rain is the end of my personal trilogy trying to tell the same type of stories with serial killers and stuff, in the thriller genre.

"I'm really happy I've done so because I wanted to have a very codified genre that I can really play with, I know where the boundaries are, it's really well defined for me and for everybody and at the same time I can try to play and learn within this space.

"Now I think I'm grown up enough to say, OK, let's expand the space and try to see what else I can do with what I've learned."

What might expanding that space entail? Cage was evasive, but he did give some hints as to what interests him. He said it would be his "fantasy" to adapt a Shakespeare tragedy into an interactive format and reiterated his interest in motion control, saying, "We have a lot of interest in [Sony's] motion controller, we start to play with it, and yeah, we definitely want to do something with it."

He also said that it would be possible, if difficult, to take his interactive drama format and adapt it for more than one player.

"I think it's possible and I think this is the next challenge," Cage said. "And that would be fascinating. It's incredibly challenging. When I saw the efforts that were needed just to make a single-player experience work on Heavy Rain, I have an idea of what it's going to take to make a multiplayer one, but that would be very exciting."

Read the full interview for much more, including Cage's response to the game's reviews, why buying Heavy Rain is "a political act", and what it would take for him to kill a man.

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