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StarCraft II closed beta invites sent out

Wings around the world.

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Blizzard has started sending out invitations to the StarCraft II closed multiplayer beta.

"Thousands of gamers" have received them, according to the publisher (and according to my inbox - woo!), with recipients being sent codes and then invited to log in via to activate them.

"Gathering concentrated feedback from our players is an important step for us as we head into the final stretch of development for StarCraft II and the new service," said Mike Morhaime, Blizzard's CEO and co-founder.

"We look forward to having our players' help in polishing the overall experience and preparing for launch."

If you haven't received an invitation though, you can at least learn oodles about the game through our numerous hands-on previews and interviews and Blizzard Battle Reports, which show off multiplayer games in amazing detail.

Check out Battle Reports three and four over on Eurogamer TV.

StarCraft II is made up of three games, the first of which, Wings of Liberty, is currently down for release in the first half of 2010.

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