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Zeno Clash XBLA dated for March

Ultimate Edition brings you extra.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

ACE Team has told Eurogamer that Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition will be released on Xbox Live on 30th March.

Co-founder Carlos Bordeu said this had already been announced, but this was news to us and we hope to you too.

"We're currently just fine tuning the game, doing QA and fixing bugs," added Bordeu. "I cannot comment on the price yet.

"We hope to be showing off more material as we get nearer to release, but the XBLA port will include new attacks, new weapons, a couple of new enemies and a new game mode - plus a few other things that we still haven't announced."

One new feature that has been announced is co-op Tower Challenges, where friends can team up and compete for leaderboard standings. Bordeu reckons this is "definitely" the "major" new addition.

Zeno Clash is a first-person brawler set in a unique world bursting with Gaudi-like architecture, bright colours and bizarre inhabitants. Eurogamer stamped 8/10 on the PC release last year and Atlus soon snapped up the rights to an XBLA port, er, enhancement.

Take a look at some of the new moves - headbutt! spin kick! - in the video below.

Out here it's kebab-shop rules.

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