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Fable III due out "this holiday"

Molyneux presenting at X10.

Microsoft has announced that Fable III will be released "this holiday" on Xbox 360, which is "in the run-up to Christmas" in old money.

The news came out of today's X10 event in San Francisco where the platform holder has already announced dates for Alan Wake and the Halo: Reach beta and Capcom has dated Dead Rising 2 and promised an exclusive 360 playable prologue.

Earlier Lionhead founder and Microsoft Game Studios Europe creative director Peter Molyneux tweeted about his Fable III presentation, promising to "talk about being king" but not "about the new gameplay", to "talk about touch and how unique it is", to "talk about new combat" and "don't upset people".

Eurogamer is on the scene in San Francisco, so watch out for Fable III impressions as soon as we can get them ready for you.