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New STO raids introduce the Borg

Challenging content opens today.

Cryptic Studios has revealed a healthy dose of brand new raid content for Star Trek Online.

This will allow players to join Starfleet's Special Task Force and battle none other than, dun dun dun, the Borg.

The Infected - the first of five raid episodes - is available from today, according to the accompanying trailer. The encounter is designed to be "daunting" and feature "lots of enemies". Only players level 43 or higher can tackle the content and even they will need the help of four friends. Both space and land battles are mentioned.

Your task will be to investigate a Starfleet star base that last lost contact with central command. But along the way you'll soon uncover some nasty surprises, such as nano-virus used by the Borg.

Episodes The Cure, Khitometer Accord, Into the Hive and Children of Khan will continue the story and bring you up against the Queen of the Borg herself. Don't expect them to get any easier.

There's a cluster of screenshots for the new content to look at, too.

Star Trek Online was released earlier this month and provides a solid virtual universe for fans of the iconic sci-fi series to explore. Our Star Trek Online review has the full story.