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MOH: Airborne joins Xbox Live GOD

Leap of strafe.

Whoever is responsible for these things out of EA and Microsoft has uploaded Medal of Honor: Airborne to Xbox Live Games on Demand.

As usual the game sells for £19.99, and you can queue it up for download via the Marketplace website if you like.

Or you could buy it second-hand for about eight quid, I suppose.

Medal of Honor: Airborne, released in late 2007, is one of the last of the World War II shooters from EA and its Los Angeles studio before the decision to reboot the series in the present day.

In it, players parachute into various vaguely openworld combat environments and complete a series of objectives across Italy, France, Holland and Germany.

There's also an online multiplayer mode where one side begins in the air and the other on the ground, which should have been called "Splat" but isn't.

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