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Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 21

Video Games Live! War! 2007 again!

This Christmas, spare a thought for our war veterans. Still on active duty, and deserted by their commanding officer, these brave men and women fight on in the face of intense media cynicism, wanting nothing more this yuletide than something to send to the kids back home.

Yep, we're talking about World War II shooters again. Amidst the general griping and sniping of the vocal minority over an increasingly overcrowded battlefield, leader of the pack Infinity Ward compounded matters by fast-forwarding to Modern Warfare.

But 'WWII fatigue' probably mainly our problem. After all, we suffer so you can avoid this crap. Even if 46 of you still went out and bought it. We give up.

Still, the point (there was one somewhere) is that the appetite is still there. And Gearbox and EA LA are dutifully force-feeding us more well-done chunks of the conflict in the shape of Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway and the recently released PS3 version of Medal of Honor: Airborne. Episode 21 of The Eurogamer TV Show looks at both in detail, with added glamour model. And magic.

Elsewhere, the fantastically rousing Video Games Live rolled into London a little while ago. Swanking it up at the Royal Festival Hall, the gaming jukebox was raided by the London Philharmonia, with a stirring headline performance of the Halo 3 score. Whether it's Better Than Halo is for you to decide as we provide exclusive footage of the final rehearsals. EGTV chats with Bungie composer Marty O'Donnell, as well as SEGA music hero Richard Jacques, who rattles off some glorious OutRun jazz on the Joanna.

Finally, what with it being the last one of the year and all, Episode 21 gladly acquiesces in festive cliché by taking a look back at 12 months of The Show, all to the tune of Portal's instant pop classic, Still Alive. Episode 21 is sporting mistletoe and trying to cop off with your mum right now on Eurogamer TV.

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Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Medal of Honor: Airborne

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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