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Gearbox: classic Brothers in Arms planned

Sgt. Baker will return post Furious 4.

The Brothers in Arms franchise will return to its more sombre, historically-accurate roots after the release of OTT left-turn Furious 4, developer Gearbox has announced.

According to Gamespot, when asked at a PAX panel over the weekend whether Furious 4's colourful new direction represented the future of the brand, studio boss Randy Pitchford insisted that it hasn't forgotten about the more traditional adventures of Sgt. Baker and his company.

"We're going to do more of that," he said. "Absolutely, that's happening."

Announced during Ubisoft's E3 show earlier this week, the Inglourious Basterds-apeing Furious 4 sees your team of maniacal squaddies rampaging across Europe in an attempt to do over Hitler himself.

Prior to that, the last we saw of the franchise was the considerably more level-headed Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway back in 2008.