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MOH Airborne: seven levels!

Should be big though. With co-op.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EA's latest World War II FPS Medal of Honour: Airborne will consist of seven levels, but will have a co-operative mode, according to print previews sneaking out to magazine subscribers this week.

PC Gamer UK reports on the game in its February issue and says it consists of just seven levels. However, each mission will represent one of the seven allied parachute operations in Europe, so it ought to be a decent length game after all. Seems like an odd thing to disclose though.

What's more, as we heard yesterday, each level takes a freeform approach, allowing you to judge your exit from a plane and then aim within a certain area to find a suitable drop. PCG UK has more details on that, the AI behaviour and other subjects.

Another thing mentioned is a co-operative play mode, allowing up to four people to take part at once, and drop in and out whenever's convenient. Sounds good to us.

Medal of Honour: Airborne is due out on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Xbox and PS2 this winter. We suggest checking out the latest PC Gamer for more details, including the first screenshots we've seen, which make war look very pretty.

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