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EA: more Mass Effect for early 2011

Plus: New ME2 DLC released today.

EA boss John Schappert has told disembodied investors to expect "something far-reaching from Mass Effect" early next year.

The third part of the trilogy? He wouldn't say, although this would support BioWare's promise of a short turnaround this time. Another alternative is a Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening style expansion pack.

Specifically, this "far-reaching" addition will be launched sometime between January and March 2011, according to Kotaku.

But most of us will still be gorging on Mass Effect 2. To keep us frothing, BioWare will release two new pieces of DLC today. They are the Cerberus Assault Armour and the M22a Eviscerator Shotgun, and they are both free.

The armour boosts heavy weapon ammo capacity, shields and health by 10 per cent. The shotgun has a longer range than normal and apparently breaks rather a lot of laws in its design.

You'll need the Cerberus Network - provided with new retail copies of the game for free - installed in order to download and play these additions.

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