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SEGA doing new 2D Sonic game in HD

Project Needlemouse in 2010.

SEGA has announced plans to release a new 2D Sonic game in 2010.

Codenamed "Project Needlemouse", it's in high definition, and while platforms haven't been discussed the HD comment suggests it's for PS3 and Xbox 360.

SEGA hasn't said much about it at all beyond that, although there's a teaser trailer, in which giant words slam into the screen and you get to watch a ring spinning in the air.

Meanwhile, on GameSpot, SEGA of America associate brand manager Ken Ballough added that the game "is that critical first step that brings Sonic back to his 2D roots".

SEGA's Sean Ratcliffe said recently that the company felt repairing Sonic's reputation would take time after a string of unsuccessful 3D games.

Ballough, however, concentrated on the hedgehog's longevity (for better or worse) and also shared his views on the supporting cast.

"Tails and Knuckles, to me, are essential to Sonic," he said, incorrectly on the first count. "They bring the perfect blend of personalities to the mix.

"But those two have had over 14 years to grow. I think Shadow, Silver, Blaze, and Rouge have also been developed really well into interesting characters. I would love to see Tikal developed because I think she could be very interesting as well.

"I think the one character that has yet to find his place is Bark the Polar Bear. I hope he does eventually - it'd be nice to have a cool bear character," he concluded.

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