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MS cuts price of 120GB 360 drive

But no mention of a 250GB accessory.

Microsoft appears to have no plans to release a 250GB standalone hard drive for the Xbox 360 in Europe.

Instead, the platform holder has reduced the price of the 120GB hard drive from £99.99 to £79.99 - "while supplies last".

"Microsoft is now offering a standalone 250GB hard drive in Japan to provide consumers in Japan more storage options for their games and entertainment. We work closely with retailers to determine the best approach for our products on a region-by-region basis," Microsoft told Eurogamer in response to yesterday's news.

"In Europe, the 120GB Hard Drive is available for an ERP of €129.99 / £79.99 while supplies last. We also offer other storage options for consumers to choose from such as the Xbox Live 60GB Starter Pack that includes a 60GB Hard Drive, three-month subscription to Xbox LIVE, Ethernet Cable and Wired Headset for an ERP of €79.99 / £59.99."

We're not sure what "while supplies last means"; maybe Microsoft is clearing the way for a 250GB HDD. We'll look into it.