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Wii's Dead Space heading to PSN/XBLA?

Plus strategy spin-off, says survey.

EA may be revamping Wii game Dead Space: Extraction for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

It will remain on-rails and become an "interactive horror experience" in "full HD", according to a survey fished out of the internet by Kotaku. A tentative price of $15 (£9.60) was mentioned.

The survey added that EA was also planning a Dead Space strategy game for PSN and XBLA called Planet Cracker. Here players will mine resources from planets and protect their spoils from space pirates. Planet Cracker will offer "in-game rewards" for Dead Space 2, similar to Lionhead's downloadable Pub Games for Fable II.

Both games - Dead Space: Extraction and Planet Cracker - were listed as bonuses for people that pre-order the sequel or presumably splash out on flashy special editions.

Dead Space: Extraction was released in September last year and fetched 8/10 on Eurogamer. Dead Space 1 was released a year earlier in 2008 and picked up 7/10, but won over a sizable crowd.

And Dead Space 2 will be released early next year, bringing multiplayer, dialogue and a whole range of additions and improvements to the spooky world of Isaac Clarke.

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