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Loads of Dead Space 2 details emerge

Multiplayer! Speech! Sprawl! Monsters!

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After a bare-bones reveal on Monday, developer Visceral Games has fleshed out Dead Space 2, confirming multiplayer, an enormous space station called Sprawl, dialogue for Isaac Clarke and a wide array of weapons, monsters and more.

Multiplayer wasn't elaborated on, but RelyOnHorror's regurgitation of Game Informer's spread (via VG247) did promise we'll be able to dismember our friends. And we like the sound of that.

The new hub to everything will be Sprawl, a space station-cum-metropolis built around the remains of Saturn's moon. This dramatically dwarfs the Ishimura of Dead Space 1 and provides Visceral with variety: an opportunity to create shopping mall, church and school environments, to name a few.

Sprawl has been infected by the thought-to-be-extinct Necromorph and Clarke, the only person who knows how to deal with the menace, is called upon for help. He'll witness the Sprawl outbreak from the beginning, seeing death and panic spread rapidly through this rag-tag settlement.

Three years after the events on-board the Ishimura, Clarke's mind has unhinged, and Dead Space 2 will delve into his character much more deeply. He'll talk, for starters, and be under immense pressure his "twisted mind" may not stand - quite how that will manifest in-game we do not know.

The sequel has loads more suit upgrades and customisation options and each will be distinguishable visually. Clarke's arsenal will expand as well, as other weapons are brought in-line with the mighty Plasma Cutter. There's a new Javelin Gun that pins enemies to surfaces, and Telekinesis will be revamped and implemented more carefully. Clarke's a bit faster and more responsive, too.

The all-important horror element will return with bells on. Enemies will be less predictable and pacing will be more considered; at times you will feel like the hunter and at times you'll fight wildly like cornered prey. Visceral wants to lower the amount of monsters bursting out on you and instil an eerie, thought-provoking scare.

New monsters will help achieve this goal. One eye-catching addition is dead, grinning and naked infants that have no lips and sealed eyes. They'll dash at and pounce on Clarke, stabbing mercilessly at him with long claws. Another humanoid enemy literally spills his guts, which will infectiously slop towards Clarke.

Or there's a tentacled man who's gullet hangs from his mouth like an enormous tongue. He'll attempt to lasso Clarke and bring him close. But our favourite new addition are Stalkers: speedy pack hunters that will try to trick Clarke and out-flank him or lure him into a trap.

Missions, akin to these new monsters, will offer more variation and require brain-power as well as a quick trigger-finger to solve.

Zero-Gravity has also been improved, and allows Clarke to leap away from floors, walls and ceilings and float freely through environments, shooting as he goes.

And, as if that weren't enough, Visceral wants to litter the campaign with "epic" moments, like grand boss battles and scripted set-piece extravaganzas.

Oh, and RelyOnHorror's opinion of the screenshots were that Dead Space 2 is a "much more beautiful" game than the original.

Dead Space is in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game has no release date.

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