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God of War III needs no HDD install

PS3 game occupies over 35GB.

Sony Santa Monica has revealed that God of War III will not require installation before play.

Head of development, Christer Ericson, dropped the bomb on Twitter.

"God of War III does not do an HD install," he said. "The 5MB listed on box-back is for save game only."

"There is no HD install option for [God of War III]," he later added.

Earlier today we learned that the third God of War game takes up at least 35GB of Blu-ray disc space. And the European version will be even bigger and in the "low 40s", according to Sony Santa Monica team member Tim Moss (via VG247).

God of War III will be released on 19th March. Check out our God of War III competition to stand a chance at winning the Ultimate Edition of the game (plus tons of posters and t-shirts).

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God of War III


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