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Warner unveils Batman for Wii and DS

Brave and the Bold based on cartoon.

Warner's got Batman for adults and now Batman for children, as the publisher unveils Batman: The Brave and the Bold for Wii and DS.

Based on the television cartoon series and due this autumn, Brave and the Bold allows parents and children to team up in co-op, playing as Batman and one of his well-known friends: Robin, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle and sometimes Aquaman.

Another nifty feature is interoperability of Wii and DS, as the two systems can be linked to unlock the Bat-mite as a playable character. He/it/she is controlled on DS and can fight alongside all the main characters in the Wii version every step of the way.

WayForward Technologies will develop, and counts stylish Wii remake A Boy and His Blob among its portfolio.

There's a Batman: The Brave and the Bold website to scout around, although there's barely any content to find.

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS

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