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PC version of Clover dated

Port of XBL indie gets imminent release.

Binary Tweed has announced a release date the PC version of its "watercolour side-scrolling platform puzzle game with a political agenda", Clover: A Curious Tale. That date is just around the corner: 3rd March.

Clover first appeared on Xbox 360's XNA Community Games channel and instantly stood out, earning an 8/10 from us at review.

The new PC version, made with support from Blitz 1UP, will be released worldwide "via a range of download services" and includes French and Spanish translations as well as a number of other improvements.

The "more streamlined and user-friendly version" includes new animations and graphics, voice acting, new puzzles, multiple endings, context sensitive controls and improved "feel".

"We’ve stripped away some of the baggage that came with revisiting a classic genre, making the game feel more modern and welcoming to new players," said Blitz 1UP producer Neil Holmes in the press release - and answering some of the criticisms of our review, as it happens.

"For those that think they know Clover, they’re going to want to pay very close attention to each of the four endings. There’s more to the story than it might first appear."