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No romance in Dragon Age expansion

Plus: Areas! Characters! Pictures!

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BioWare's new Dragon Age: Awakening website has gone live and revealed many new areas, characters and creatures arriving in the March-bound expansion.

Among the discoveries are the haunted Blackmarsh, dwarven fortress Kal'Hirol, bastion against Orlesian invasion Vigil's Keep and the once tranquil but now troubled Wending Woods.

Key new creatures include Queen of the Blackmarsh - a giant, spectral dragon - and The Children, grinning worm creatures (on spindly legs) that devour their fleshy prey.

Important new characters are Velanna, a human-hating Dalish elf, and Anders, a trouble-making mage that doesn't take kindly to orders. Returning companions include Wynne, Loghain and Alistair.

The new Dragon Age: Awakening website has a detailed FAQ to answer your questions with, too. From this we know that there will be six new specialisation, 24 new spells and 32 new talents. Interestingly, there will be no romantic options in DA: Awakening, and the romances uncovered through Origins will be on hold while you tackle a new threat.

System specs for the expansion are the same as for Dragon Age: Origins, and you'll be able to import your saved character from that game should you wish - all items and loot will travel with your hero, apart from promotional DLC loot.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening will only be available to download on PS3 and Xbox 360 here in Europe. The PC version will be available on Steam and other digital distribution channels.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening will be released on 16th March.

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