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BioWare working on PS3 DAO fix

Firmware update crashing games.

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BioWare is working with Sony to discover why Dragon Age: Origins struggles to run on PS3.

The problems started after Sony released firmware update 3.30 for the console last week. BioWare's community forums are clogged with reports of game crashes.

Though aware of the issue, BioWare cannot recreate the problems on dev kits and so quickly analyse and isolate the error. Because of this, the community is being called on to submit feedback. "We have to do this a little old school, and keep narrowing the cases down," said BioWare poster Fernando Melo.

His comments suggest the issue relates to games saved before the firmware release conflicting with games saved afterwards. Some users have 'repaired' their game by deleting saved games, but Melo is loathe to recommend this method.

If you're experiencing problems, head over to the BioWare forums to contribute.

"Thanks again for your patience," said Melo. "It is pretty clear that despite this affecting other titles, that it has impacted on DA substantially. We're hopeful there is something we can do from our end to work around whatever was introduced in 3.3.

"In the meantime, please continue to send us information that will help us narrow this down," he added.

Dragon Age: Origins expansion Awakening was released in March, raising the level cap and giving voice to the darkspawn. Awakening was awarded 9/10 on Eurogamer.

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