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Sony universal controller patent found

Two-year-old filing details LCD pad idea.

Internet detectives have unearthed a Sony patent for a universal videogame controller.

"Just like remote controls, game consoles, and thus game controllers, are becoming widespread," the patent application, which was filed two years ago but made public this week, records (thanks Kotaku).

"It is not surprising to find more than one game consoles in a household, especially when competing game console manufacturers attempt to attract unconventional consumer groups in the gaming industry

"As understood herein, it would be useful to have a universal controller that would be able to work with a variety of game consoles."

The controller as described would consist of a touch-sensitive LCD display housed in a fairly standard body which would display a particular controller layout (e.g. PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 or whatever) depending on your selections.

The filing includes funky charts showing how different bits of controller logic and electronics in your house would link together and revolve around the universal controller, which would apparently have a speaker and rumble too (sorry Phil).

Check out the patent application for more.

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