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New 360 front end coming in November?

Rock Band 2 advertisement suggests so.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

A Rock Band 2 advertisement in Xbox Live has given the first indication of when the Xbox 360 will receive its major interface overhaul.

The ad says simply, "Check out the New Xbox Experience coming in November!"

It also adds, "Coming in November, playing Rock Band 2 and meeting up with your band mates on your Xbox 360 will be better than ever thanks to the New Xbox Experience."

The front end revamp - which will introduce Avatars, the Prime Time interactive channel, a new party system and a radically different look to the 360 - was previously only scheduled for "later this fall". Microsoft has said it will launch simultaneously in the US and key European territories.

For more on the New Xbox Experience, read our full E3 impressions, article on Avatars, or watch the Eurogamer TV Avatar special.

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