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Listen to One Life Left online

New features promised for latest podcast.

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Did you miss last night's broadcast of One Life Left? Not to worry, you can still listen to it via the internet. Here the people who make the show explain how, and what the whole thing's all about, and whether it's even worth it anyway.

Dear Eurogamer Readers,

Is that what you are? Readers? Users? Fans? Lovers? I don't know. We have 'listeners'.

We are One Life Left, the closest thing Eurogamer has to a podcast. We are also the closest thing Eurogamer has to a radio show and we broadcast live across London on Resonance 104.4FM, every Monday at 7pm.

Don't worry if you're not in London. Resonance do fancy-schmancy online streaming which you can tune into by heading to the Resonance site. It's a lot like when Eurogamer streamed us last season except instead of us phoning our mums you get a lengthy preamble about bicycles. Really!

On this week's show there were four or five new features, some amazing music, gossip, news, reviews and letters. We did have a special guest planned but he pulled out with a hangover. That's how 'special' he is. Still - if you missed the live broadcast, you can catch up over at


Ste, Simon and Ann. xxx

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