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Animal Crossing for Wii this Christmas

Wii Speak microphone bundled in.

Nintendo has said Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City will be out before Christmas, sometime in December.

The game, unveiled back at E3 in July, also comes bundled with Wii Speak. This is the brand new microphone that sits above the sensor bar on tellies and picks up voices from anyone in the room.

The aim of this will be chatting to friends whose towns can be visited using the Wi-Fi connection. Letters and items can be sent to them from town post offices, too.

Animal Crossing Wii presents a life in a cute countryside full of talking raccoons, bears and walruses. Time in this simulated existence can be spent decorating houses or fishing or gardening.

All of this will be familiar to fans of Animal Crossing: Wild World on DS. And, excitingly, some of the data from that game can be transferred to the Wii version. But we're not sure what, exactly.

The DS can also carry Animal Crossing Wii characters around; handy for popping over to a friend's house.

Head over to our Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City gamepage to find out more.

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