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Nintendo reveals Wii Speak Channel

Futuristic online chat room.

Wii Speak, the microphone peripheral bundled with Animal Crossing, is to get its very own Wii Channel.

This lets up to four friends chit-chat over the internet, according to Joystiq, and each microphone will come with a coupon to download the channel.

For now that's all we know. There's no word on what else the channel will allow - karaoke please! - or a date when we can expect it.

Wii Speak was unveiled at E3 during an on-stage demonstration of Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City. The device sits on top of the sensor bar on tellies and registers chatter from multiple people in the room.

Animal Crossing (with Wii Speak microphone) will be released in Europe sometime in December. There's no standalone date for the peripheral just yet.

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