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KORG DS-10 synthesiser for DS in October

Make love to a musical robot.

Nintendo will unleash the KORG DS-10 synthesiser across Europe on 10th October, making musical dreams come true. But probably only in Germany.

This clever piece of kit spreads the important-sounding KORG KAOSS PadPad across the touch-screen, adds the ability to save up to 18 creative sessions, plus has plenty of magical knobs to twiddle to alter electro-effects and that sort of thing.

Once you're happy, mixer channels can be opened, drum beats laid down, and smash bang wallop you're Kraftwerk.

That may take some time, but friends can use Wi-Fi to connect to each other and do, well, something - presumably share music.

Bop over to Eurogamer TV for a trailer of how KORG DS-10 works.

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