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Paradise City tiny compared to Fuel map

So says man making Fuel map.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Codemasters producer David Brickley has claimed the gameworld in Fuel will be much larger than that in rival racer Burnout: Paradise City.

Speaking to Videogamer he said it's taken four years to generate the 5000-square mile map in Fuel.

"In the context of that map, which is one small corner of it, when the guys showed us this technology, if you were to build it in a traditional manner it would fill about four Blu-rays," he claimed.

Brickley was then asked how many times Paradise City would fit into the Fuel map. He replied, "I did a little Power Point internally to do it and it zoomed them in to each other. It's like a little postage stamp because I think it does like four kilometres or something."

And don't go confusing the two games, Brickley went on: "Criterion is obviously doing a city-based driving game. We didn't have to infringe on that. And they probably complement each other quite well. It's diverse."

Fuel is out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 next year. You can see all manner of screenshots and watch an interview about it over on the gamepage.

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