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Battlefield 1943 heads PSN update

Ghostbusters and FUEL demos too.

Battlefield 1943 tops the bill on the PlayStation Store this week, with GBP 10 the asking price for a slice of Pacific World War II online multiplayer madness. There's a free trial to test the waters, and you can expect our final verdict later this morning.

Also up for grabs are Ghostbusters and FUEL demos. We've reviewed both, and prefer the former over the latter.

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift gains tracks, variants, vehicles, characters, paintjobs and Trophies as part of an Adrenaline expansion, while Skate 2 emulates the Maloof Cup skateboarding event through DLC.

Elsewhere, old but notable PSP puzzler Archer Maclean's Mercury is up for a fiver.

And, of course, Rock Band and Guitar Hero extras flood the Store - specifically Green Day, Pearl Jam and Stevie Ray Vaughan songs.

Full list below.

PS3 Games

  • Battlefield 1943 - GBP 9.99 / EUR 12.99

PS3 Demos

  • Ghostbusters - Free
  • FUEL - Free

PS3 Game Content

  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift: Expansion Adrenaline - GBP 4.79 / EUR 5.99
  • Skate 2: Maloof Money Cup Pack - GBP 1.59 / EUR 1.99
  • High Velocity Bowling: Route 66 Americana Ball Pack & 4th July Americana Ball Pack - GBP 0.79 / EUR 0.99 each
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires: Additional Music Set - Free
  • Rock Band: Green Day Pack ("21 Guns", "East Jesus Nowhere", "Know Your Enemy") - GBP 2.49 / EUR 3.99 (GBP 0.99 / EUR 1.49 each)
  • Rock Band: "Black Magic" by Slayer, "Conquer All" by Behemoth, "Disposable Teens" by Marilyn Manson, "Embedded" by Job for a Cowboy, "Empire of the Gun" by God Forbid, "Hammer Smashed Face" by Cannibal Corpse, "This is Exile" by Whitechapel and "What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse" by Black Dahlia Murder - GBP 0.99 / EUR 1.49 each
  • Rock Band: Ten Bonus Pack by Pearl Jam ("Brother", "Alive (Live)", "State of Love and Trust (Live)") - GBP 2.49 / EUR 3.99
  • Guitar Hero World Tour: Victory Records Track Pack ("Bomb the World" by The Sleeping, "I Am the Arsonist" by Silvertstein, "NJ Legion Iced Tea" by A Day To Remember - (GBP 1.59 / EUR 1.99)

PSP Games

  • Little Britain - GBP 11.99 / EUR 14.99
  • Final Armada - GBP 7.99 / EUR 9.99
  • King of Pool - GBP 7.99 / EUR 9.99
  • Archer Maclean's Mercury - GBP 4.79 / EUR 5.99

PSP Game Content

  • Rock Band Unplugged: "Here Comes Your Man" by The Pixies, "Pride and Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - GBP 0.99 / EUR 1.49 each
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