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GTA IV ships over 10 million copies

Chinatown Wars out before Feb 09.

Take-Two has sold over 10 million copies of Grand Theft Auto IV to shops around the world.

That's according to a quarterly earnings conference reported by GameSpot. However, those figures are a trifle misleading, as The Top Global Markets Report recently tracked combined UK, US and Asian sold-to-people figures for GTA IV as just over 6 million.

Take-Two also pinned the first real information to Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the exclusive DS game announced during E3.

This, according to boss Ben Feder, will be released sometime between November 2008 and the end of January 2009. "I didn't say that," retorted Feder, when asked by analysts if this meant Christmas. Drive-by!

Take-Two also reconfirmed that the downloadable episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV would not be out before November this year. Which we knew.

Plus, Eurogamer was told yesterday that Rockstar North was still on track launch the exclusive Xbox 360 content sometime during November.

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