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Make your own Guinness World Record

GameCity festival invites submissions.

Nottingham's GameCity festival is inviting submissions for ideas for new videogame Guiness World Records that you think you can conquer yourself.

The festival - which runs over Halloween, from 30th October to 1st November this year - is celebrating its third year with an open invitation to attendees to set themselves World Record challenges.

Expert Guinness World Record adjudicators - who, we happen to know, actually do receive training in their art, and official clipboards - will select ten challenges to be undertaken live at the event, and be on hand to ensure fair play.

Current and old games, attempts at existing records, or new challenges you've dreamt up yourself are all admissible. You can sumbit your challenge at the GameCity website.

The event ties in with GameCity's launch celebrations for TT Games' Guinness World Records: The Videogame for Wii and DS.

Ellie will sack me if, at this point, I don't mention the Guinness book we wrote - and note that its Amazon price has climbed back up from GBP 4.44 to a less personally insulting, but still very good value, GBP 7.83.

GameCity's press release concludes by noting that the festival will be attempting a record of its own - in an apparent festival face-off with UK rival the London Games Festival, which runs the same week, and is attempting the largest number of people dressed as videogame characters under one roof.

GameCity isn't revealing details of its own record yet, but says it will involve "hundreds of people, a unique musical soundtrack, a great deal of curry, and the support of the local authorities".

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Guinness World Records: The Videogame

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