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Earn game time with WOW credit card

Global economic crisis solved.

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In what could be the strangest World of Warcraft spin-off yet - and the strangest response from the financial world to consumer panic over collapsing financial markets - the First National Bank of Omaha is launching a World of Warcraft credit card.

In a move sure to get cautious spenders back in the shops the card rewards purchases with, not cash or reward points, but WOW game time.

You get game time at the rate of one cent on every dollar. As an extra incentive, you get a month of free WOW the first time you use the card.

There are also 13 card designs, featuring artwork from Blizzard's hit MMO, to choose from.

The card is only available to US residents - and WOW account holders, naturally. If you're both, you can apply via

They'll be scrapping the US dollar in favour of WOW gold next. You read it here first.

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