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Eden details Alone in the Dark PS3

Plenty of changes for a better scare.

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Eden Studios has explained which bits of Alone in the Dark it's focusing on repairing for the upcoming PS3 version of its spooky-night-in-Central-Park-'em-up.

Long-haired, trenchcoat-wearing hero Edward Carnby should turn and react quicker in third-person view, we're told, while cars should handle and drift more realistically. Or at least less insanely. There's also full 360-degree control of the camera.

Combining items can be done on the d-pad, and selecting the right tools from inside your coat will, apparently, be more fluid and less like knitting during a fit. Spectral Vision has had a going over as well, resulting in less overall use and a tutorial to explain the power.

Eden has also tweaked the fissure sequence on 59th Street - the car chase with the earthquake, innit - to make it less frustrating, adding checkpoints and clearer voice instructions, and fiddling with the difficulty. There's new content, too: episode six will include an exclusive sequence.

Alone in the Dark PS3 is due to arrive this November, five months after the Xbox 360 version impressed in some areas but ultimately squandered its potential.

Head over to our hands-on impressions of Alone in the Dark PS3 to find out more about some of the above, which were originally outlined during Eden's Games Convention demonstration of the PS3 version. Kristan played it and reckons it now works.

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