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AITD gets name change on PS3

Inferno subhead to spotlight change.

Atari has added the subtitle Inferno to the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark, which is due out in November.

AITD Infero is the result of months of extra work because, after all, rather a lot of Alone in the Dark on Xbox 360 needed addressing.

That's lead to full 360 degree camera control, for starters, plus quicker and more reactive controls. The flasher-style inventory is now quicker to access, too, and there are lots more tips and tutorials for features such as Spectral Vision, which, incidentally, now needs to be used less throughout the game.

On top of all this are reworked driving controls and an overhaul of the 59th Street level. And to finish the package off, there's a new gameplay sequence in episode 6.

The result, we concluded from our recent hands-on with the PS3 version, is a better experience than on Xbox 360 earlier in the year. But there's still a large proportion of clunky and unfair mechanics - those, unfortunately, only starting from scratch could remedy.

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