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SOCOM beta keys all gone - for now!

Now go shoot some tangos, tangos.

The SOCOM: Confrontation keys are all gone. Congratulations to everyone who got hold of one and sorry if you missed out.

Apologies particularly to those of you who missed out because accessing the website between 4 and 5pm was difficult. SOCOM was a very popular attraction and our amazing super-strong server struggled to deal with your enthusiasm.

I thought it would be useful for Mark Kennedy, Eurogamer's lead technical person or whatever, to explain why the hell we shouldn't sack him on the spot and set fire to him. "Imagine going to the pub, and instead of everybody waiting for the barman to get round to serving them, they just all shout out their orders," Mark told me.

"If they don't get their drink in one second, they just shout the order again and the barman really can't concentrate on what he's doing and everybody gets their drinks slower," he concluded, joblessly. So yes, we're sorry about that.

On the plus side, we're trying to convince Sony to give us some more, so with any luck there will be another chance soon. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the beta!