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Euro SOCOM Confrontation date still MIA

As US version gets beefy patch.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has told Eurogamer that SOCOM Confrontation has still to be given a European date, despite the US version launching as long ago as October.

The news also contradicts UK online retailers ShopTo, Play, Amazon and GAME, which all suggest the boxed PS3 game with wireless headset will arrive on 13th February for around 35 quid.

Sony had previously told us to expect the game in "early 2009", after missing what retailers had down as a November 2008 launch.

Of course, those with fake US PlayStation Network identities can grab the third-person shooter from there, and will also find a meaty patch waiting to be applied.

This, says the official SOCOM Confrontation website, fixes "over 100 issues; some big and some small". And while there appears to have been a few server hiccups as a result of the update, Sony America is aware of the problems and "working on the issue now".

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